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My Rant About What I Find Boring In Warframe...


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So here I am, writing a rant...

... to tell you how I perceive the game and what I think kills it at some points for me.

If I look back how I started, the mid-way and my position at currently rank 14 and nearly 1500h playtime, my gameplay went through a lot of changes.

The early stage where you have nothing and just try to survive with what you have, drooling over the keyboard for weapons you might get in the future, seeing, envying other people using them.

Then the mid stage, where your sails are fully blown, you craft things, acclomplish things, getting really into it. Goal is getting all the mods, weapons, getting to Rank 7 to build all the cool stufff like flamethrowers, laser guns, rocket launchers.

Building them, experimenting with the equipment, enabling yourself to acclompish things you couldn't do before.

The end stage... me. Here. Now. Having nearly everything, maxed all neccessary mods and a lot more. Fully build weapons like Boltor Prime, Soma, Ogris, Penta, Brakk, Marelok and so on and just all frames except Rhino Prime and normal Mag... I started feeling bored.

So picking weapons and frames I like, regardless where they are positioned tier-wise and developing playstyle and getting better at whatever, it is my only goal right now aside from completing weapons I left out on my way.

Pretty boring text until now, so I start right off with something that many might not agree with:

Room killing abilities are boring as hell. Yeah, I had my time too, where stomping was fun or watching everything explode on occassion was fun too, but I never took it to extreme. I just thought, an ultimate here and there is cool and stuff.

A pal of my played Nova and it was pretty annoying from time to time.

Then Corrupted mods came and Ultimates got spammable like First abilities. The result of this is my Saryn build, which collects dust. Before Fleeting expertise I thought the first ability is kinda cool. The debuff is spreading, making groups easier to kill. Now, why bother with it, when you can cast the fourth ability for the same cost?

So actually the gameplay warped. Sure, fleeting Expertise can be cool, like in my Ember build where you just deequip weapons and just go around throwing fireballs, which is not really viable, but fun.

Or in Zephyr, allowing massive mobility to all directions.

Then. i read in the forum that many players even want more damage frames or even change pretty good utility frames to ultimate damage roxxors. This is boggling my mind.

Sure, there is a way for gameplay to be most efficient and with all the grinding I can understand that to a certain degree.

However I think some aspects are getting ignored. There is no reason to watch your positioning when Iron Skin is up, there is no reason to watch out, when just pressing 4 solves the problem. It promotes lazy gameplay.

I always took pride in aiming skills and warframe doesn't bullS#&$ us with useless cover mechanics, or ultra realistic handling, just holding back potential. You move your mouse, you aim and bam. Some of the aspects I personally like about the game.

You might want to answer: But the endgame! And content above level xy.

I think it is an illusion. A simple number game. What does it matter if you kill level 50 or level 100 enemies, when the game gets changed so that killing level 39 stuff gets equally difficult suddenly?

Higher waves add nothing to the gameplay, just harder to kill enemies. So whatever tactic worked at wave xy, will work at wave xy+1 when you have to cheese out gameplay mechanics to survive, if your equipment can keep up. That's it.

You might want to answer: Just don't play online.

I can assure you, I don't play online that much. Because I either have my friends, or am able to solo most of the content. It's just that the game is how it is.

When I read posts where people want to shoot through teammates, so they can use Ogris on narrow invasion maps (where you neither need the power of Ogris or even the terrain isn't really suited for rocket launchers and others can easily out dps you, because they have more flexibility and can just kill on sight) or people complaining, that beta game changes made their onetrick-pony gameplay not viable anymore, or all these "change frame x to suit my taste"- threads...

I'm worried.

I don't want to dictate gameplay, nor do I wish to display myself as the ultimate flawless gunslinger.

I just wanted to rant, so that maybe someone reads it, thinks about it, and maybe agrees, or maybe not. Maybe we have a discussion, maybe the devs read the outcome, who knows.

Have a nice playtime.

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I can understand you, when I think about it there is a reason I like Nova, because she blows things up, when I began playing Warframe it was because I got some "whyboners" from certain Warframe fan-made materials, then I realized the game's difficulty relies on cheap tricks, omniscience, insane scaling and not really anything resembling skill or out-of-the-box thinking, if every frame was viable for all content I think I would be OK if Nova was not a WMD at all, I like my frames useful just because there is no fun in dying to a bullet sponge.

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I'd rather have limited, balanced, content, than an endless stream of new guns that, while cool, don't add anything to my experience. I'll save my rant for my own topic*, but I think Mass effect 3's multiplayer did so much that warframe should have. what guns and attachments you unlocked were decided by RNG, and yet it was and still is so fun. if you got the same item multiple times, then it would upgrade, either more customization for characters, or increased stats for guns. different gun types were fun to use, cause they were all well balanced. no one had powers that could trivialize the content. ability trees were cool cause you had to choose one benefit over another. all of these factors made it feel like you were your own warrior with your own style. Warframe feels more like, you can try and make your own style, but in the end, you'll go back to your max serration, redirection, and the same old mods and guns every other player uses.


edit: * well, most of my own rant

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Serration, Redirection may be staples, but they also function as progress bar, because these mods grow with you.


I never played mass effect, so I don't know the differences.


Also I have the feeling you somehow misunderstood the message I tried to deliver. It wasn't my intention to criticize content.


My posting was about the mindsetting.


There are people complaining everything is too easy, but that's mostly because they trivilize content.


I mean, start a new account with nothing and try again Appollodorus. You would be surprised how hard warframe can be if you let it.


Of course if you play online with some advanced players spamming their ultimates, you can go to 30min as well.

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