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Game Crashes After Mission Complete


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Hey guys,


I've been playing the game since Monday, and this problem just started happening either yesterday or today. The game just crashes after the mission complete voice comes on. I tried ticking off DirectX 11 and multithread individually, and then I tried ticking both off, but nothing changed. The only way I've found to fix the problem is verifying the integrity of local game files. However, this is not a permanent fix; the error comes back in a few games.


This fix also takes a lot of bandwidth because it's pretty much redownloading the game. It says 50-52 files failed to verify every time, and the download takes about 10-20 minutes at 6.2 mb/s, so you can see that it's not a very effective process.


I posted about this in the Warframe subreddit, and one other person said they get the same problem. Please look into this DE!

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If the game is telling you over and over that 50~52 files have failed to validate, this means that there may be some other program modifying or corrupting the data, or your HDD may be failing, especially if the only 'fix' is to verify your files over and over.


That aside, if you're experiencing crashes you should probably submit a support ticket. Make sure to include a copy of your EE.log in the ticket (make sure you grab it right after your crash, as the EE.log will be recording everything leading up to the crash itself, as well as error codes). 


Alternatively, you can submit the WAR-###### that the crash reporter gives you.


A customer support rep would be better at figuring out what's going wrong with your game.

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