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Buying Mods And Prime Parts For Plat

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Pm me in forums or reply to this topic. I do not have in game chat.


Bo Handle - 50p


Loki Systems- 100p


Loki Helmet - 75p


Wyrm Systems - 75p


Loot Detector - 5p


Shield Flux - 10p


Smite Corpus - 5p


Crimson Dervish - 10p


Gleaming Talon - 10p 


Grim Fury - 5p


Stalking Fan - 10p

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you are buying crimson dervish and gleaming talon for 10plat? ahahhaha,

Not the first time I've bought them for 10 plat. If you have it send me an offer, these prices aren't set in stone but maybe you're just new to trading.

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