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Fusing Mods Without Removing Them From Weapon/warframe?


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It would certainly make stuff a whole lot smoother if it was.

Also if you're in a group with people that are "in a bit of a hurry" you don't really have the time to fuse your mods between missions unless you leave. So if you do a bunch of missions in a row you end up having to leave to get advantage of the stuff you've gained.

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I guess the devs haven't done this because it might go over your frame's mod limit while you're modding. That is, if you have 1 mod capacity and have installed a mod that uses 1 mod cap, and then you fuse it and the mod requires 2 mod capacity now. Should the game remove the mod automatically or it should not let you fuse in the first place? Both are not much different than you removing the mod and fuse it, then slot it in. Might create bugs, or exploits, just guessing here.

The only time is when you have extra mod cap on your frame, I agree it will save time. But sometimes it is just too much trouble for devs atm. Just assuming again.

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I guess the best solution would be to integrate the "Mods" screens' functionaly on the "Configure Frame" Screen. The thing that makes it feel bothersome is to have to go back an forth between the different menus several time to get all the mods done the way you want.

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