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Breeding Grounds Mission Is Amazing, But Could Excel!


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The Breeding grounds are amazing, the point system adding difficulty is perfect, but as many have said it stops at 48, and then its just a fight for who gets first, second, or third.


When you said you wanted to make this a legitimate mission type. I thought AWESOME, but some issues I noticed. The points go, up, and up , and up, and it seems like it would be just another mission like exterminate, or capture. I think it could excel, and be the first token system!


I have always been against token systems, but for once I think this system has potential. Instead of just a score that goes up, and up replace that score with tokens. The tokens continue to climb up higher, and higher, and more tokens=more difficulty. Now if they spend said tokens on the token shop the difficulty meter drops down by however many tokens they spent, and they have to build up again.


So you could put several items in there some at 10, some at 20, some at 40. It could even scale by

10, 20, 40, 100, 200, 400, 1000, 2000, 4000


9 rewards with the last three being epic rewards. Of course some balancing on difficulty increase might have to be worked on for those last three rewards to even be remotely possible, but the end result is a reward people can push for while playing this mission mode, and it being a long, and brutal quest to achieve all 9 rewards. At least then people will keep coming back trying to get a higher score constantly, and organize better teams to achieve that higher score. As it is now its reach 48, check the high score, and decide don't bother.(Also don't put the rewards in the market if this idea is considered)

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Epic rewards :D - Sounds chalenging

The even better part is when you have to decide should I spend my tokens now, or double them up to a higher number before spending? Because when your a low number the increase is slow, but if its a high number the increase is quick. So in comes also that pressure you want the item, but you do not want to have to work hard again slowly from the start.


So decisions, decisions, decisions...

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