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Heavy Caliber On Lanka?



Greetings, Gentlemen,


I play Volt as a sniper on defence missions, and my weapon of choice is the Lanka. 


I noticed today that the Lanka has a base accuracy of 100, which is much higher than other sniper rifles (e.g. the Vectis with 30ish.).


Doing the math, even a maxxed Heavy Caliber would only drop the accuracy down to 45, which is still basically spot on.


Simply, then, what are the possible drawbacks?  I'm still relatively unsure of how accuracy works (or even if the listed freakishly high accuracy of the Lanka is actually a thing).


Please do note that the usual travel time of the Lanka is a non issue because of Volt's electric shield, which makes the weapon hitscan.


Any advice is much appreciated.  Thank you.

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Heavy cal works like a dream on the lanka.


Truthfully, you cant really guess how heavy cal works on any given weapon, it affects all of them differently. For instance, both the dera and the lanka are projectile weapons with "100%" accuracy, but with heavy cal the lanka stays nearly spot on while the dera ends up with like a 1 meter bullet spread.

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Actually, how accuracy is calculated is still mistery, you wouldn't get 45 accuracy with maxed Heavy Cal. You would have got 14-ish, which is pretty messed up for a sniper rifle. If you wanted it, try to keep it at low level (at rank 3 it would resulted in 21/23-ish (forgot the value) accuracy, which is pretty nice).


But that's how it's calculated on Dera, another one with 100 acuracy. IDK if it'll be different with Lanka.

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