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I think this could be a cool mission type at least. You know how theres always ships flying around? What if we had a mission where we had to hijack one and fly away with it. Or add space dog fights and stuff. Only problem is that its not really ninja-like to get in the middle of a dog fight. but it is kinda ninja like to hijack something. Or just add random vehicles in certain maps. What do you guys think?

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vehicles would work but in pecific missions in pesific maps (very big open maps)

well it fits more then you might think. a ninja could definatly be sent on a mission to steal a ship/vehicle that the enemy is working on. to steal the design, destroy it, or use it against them BEFORE destroying it.  its not far fetched at all to believe warframe could do this step. an di think its dumb to say 'it doesn't fit warframe to have dog fights' ....really? you guys DO realize how we disable the enemy ships half the time right? the tenno may not have huge ships, but they can attack larger ships, and dog fights already happen,

and to stave off any would be 'doesn't fit the stealth aspect' hers your stealth space mission, WITH SHIP!


Tenno, we have gotten word that a grineer faction and a corpus faction have come together with a common goal, the iradication of the Tenno. We cannot let this happen. You will fly out and sabotage the peace talks. You will have to sneak aboard both ships and plant charges to help destroy them, you MUST not be seen, or else the plan will fail. In order to succeed you must trick either side into firing on the other. Do not be spotted tenno, good luck.


So basicaly you have the option to snea aboard plan bombs to make the ships easier to destroy, kinda a possible 'bonus' objective type? and otherwise the main point is to move along the shadow side, under, above etc of one of the ships and fire on the other tricking them into thinking your the grineer firing on the corpus or vise versa. obviously this would fail i fyou shot from somewhere there were no weapon batteries, so this is the stealth aspect. you have to avoid the sensor scans and work your way to the closest weapons platform and open fir ethere to truley instill animosity. but one shot wont' be enough, you'll have to sneak to at least three weapon platforms an dopen fire to get the job done. If this doesn't feel like a 'space ninja' then i dunno what will. i love my warframes, but i just feel like somethings missing from the game, and i think this could be it...that or giant corpus robot boss O.O

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