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Clan Emblem Uploading Need Some Help Plz



so i uploaded and payed 150 plats 2 days b4 this event started.. atm there went 3/4 hotfixes tru our nnoses .. i also readed that lately alot of  bugs comes with uploading your clan emblems ,,,, so im kinda getting worried (as i dun rlly know wtf to do xD) howl ong does it take to get your emblem online ... or should i end a support ticket ???? 

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Hello,I have included the picture that i want to use as my clan emblem.if you could help me get it to look right so I can submit it, it would be much appreciated. I dont want to submit it and have it look all messed up when it gets approved. I would like the quality to remain and have the black background and white fox without the words greyfox studios at the bottom. if you could make it say JetFox at the bottom thatd be sweet but if not just get rid of it. Feel free to email me= jr0ck2534@gmail.com my psn is jr0ck34 (the 0 is a zero) or text my cell 401-573-0476.

this is the image http://fullmetal-fox...-Logo-142992537

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