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I Have One Problem Can Someone Help Me ?



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Its the Warframe crash submitter, when you crash out it sends a crash report to DE so they can try and fix the problem. (I'm not completely sure about this as I don't crash much and haven't seen that in a long time)


You should contact support, as they will probably be able to help you with figuring out what's causing the crashes.


To contact support:



Log in then create a ticket detailing your problem and a member of DE will try to respond to you ticket as soon as possible. Be patient as it may take some time as they probably get a large volume of tickets every day.

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Its a simple crash that can occur at any mission. Just go through the process to file the report and it'll be done and they'll fix it as soon as possible. Be sure to mention the crash, what mission you were playing, and anything else that may be significant. You can still play afterwards.

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I seem to be able to do this crash if I wish to do it. If I Alt+Tab at the time I finish a level and the experience pops-up, then it will crash if I let it load all the way to the menu with the game minimized. Kinda weird.

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