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Fury Mod.


Hi guys, I've been trying to get this Fury mod for quite sometime now.... I've been doing mostly Earth's Defense missions but no drop ever for me, people kept telling me they got this mod, but won't really give me details on how to really obtain it.. Much help would be appreciate it, thanks in advanced.

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They probably got it before the recent patch that all but wiped out Rare mods from the game. They used to drop more often. Now, the best way to get them is to farm Defense missions.

Always wanted to be a farmer . . . .

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Just do Griennes missions and dont try earth since Fury is a rare mod, you shloud try farming it in Hight levels (30+)

we did defense missions today up to lv60 mobs and rare didn't drop more often. and they really should. so that's a invalid advice.

the drop rates should get adjusted soon, be patient, op :) i was lucky to find few of those before the patch and upgrade mine to 50% fire rate. lucky me, i guess.

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