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All Hydroid's Ability Mods Appear As Common Mods


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Hi, I crafted Hydroid a few days ago and just noticed that besides his first ability which is common, his second, third and fourth abilities are shown in the UI of the card as common mods.


Here are some pics I took to show what I'm talking about.


Tidal Surge






Tentacle Swarm



I don't know if this bug was brought up before, I used the searchbar to try and find something about it, but I found no topic related to this. I don't know how long has this bug been on because I just crafted him a few days ago and just noticed this. Well, although this may not be something important I felt like I should post it so the devs can fix it, anyways I hope this can be fixed, thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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it's always been that way, but i suppose Digital Extremes didn't bother to make Powers 3/4 Rares, as they have the same Point cost anyways.


though, changing them to Rare for consistency seems appropriate. someday.

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