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Those Missed Yet Would Love To Use


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referring to the weapons that are not available for ps4, and no not the founders pack weapons (you deserve those and will never wish to take that from the pc crew that started it all).

I personally have always wanted the duel ether daggers and the machete(yes i love the machete) and yes i know there are varients but i truly wish  we could see those again.


Are there any other weapons that maybe the ps4 players would love to see released again....maybe as quest rewards in the future?


Maybe with a tweak like ether weapons doing freeze damage???


post some feedback im curious as to what ps4 players would like to see again. with the re-release of the cicero mods and

the re-release of the prova vandal can we expect the wraith machete to make a return??? would you want to see em again?

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I would love to see the Snipetron, or the Boar come back as well. They seem like fun weapons to play with.\\


Prova Vandal was not a rerelease, as it was never given to anyone.

i stand corrected. thanks for that. i just find myself looking through the codex and wanting to play with some of the weapons we never had a chance to aquire.

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I'd kinda like to get my hands on the machete, even if it's not effective, it looks pretty sick.


Honestly as much as people complain, we didn't miss that many weapons on Ps4.

Besides event weapons (seriously, I don't care about them) we only missed four weapons that weren't really anything too special to begin with.

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Snipetron will never be rereleased as it breaks corpus lore


So they should change its lore description to have it manufactured by some third party or sub-faction instead.. used by Red Veil operatives, for example.. and confiscated by the Corpus.. retcon that beyotch..

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