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Hello there,

So currently its very easy to to fusion mods; but it makes quite difficult to reach specific lvls of the mod.

Current problems(not specifically problems but should be improved)

- Auto Fuse (doesn't take the lowest ranked fusion cores to do so)

- Mod Fusion to specific lvl (when player do not want to rank the mod to max but only to some specific lvl)


Make 2 types of view in mod arsenal (the current one, and extended where all mods are loose like it used to be giving more freedom on which cores you want to use)


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Or some toggle to use low rank mods first or high rank mods first?  I know now the change happened because the old method for auto fuse had a tendency to waste a few fusion cores, but i'd rather waste a few common cores than automatically use rare cores.


I also would like a method to make a rank 6 redirection in a more efficient manner.

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