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Dojo Overhaul Ideas


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Simple and to the point;


- Dojo can be empty most of times no one is there (unless you have clan of 1000 then maybe 2-4players are there at one time)

- Nothing social there; duels are pretty much not used, same thing with obstacle course.

- People are not spending their time in dojo because its much more preferable to stay on star solar map and simply chat there in alliance about panties :).


How to inject life into dojo?

- Add Fishing area, players can sit in one place chatting and using nano-spores to fish some stupid fishes (sizes of fish can be recorded in holograph over the top who's caught the biggest one) (let say each fish brings you like 5creds or 10creds what ever a big one maybe 200creds)

- Player sentinels/kubrows(dogs) interacting with each other and flying freely in same room the player is. (SI implementation - swarm intelligence) AFK animation of units let say kubrows of one player will try to catch one of the other players sentinels... etc or 2 other kubrows playing together.)

- Offline player frames walking in dojo (npc's models(like specters) of offline players just walking around the dojo) *they could interact with some of the models like benches where they could sit down for few minutes then go somewhere else.

- Barracks - behind the glass it would be good if player could see some tenno sitting by the table or walking around there and chilling.

etc ~ there could be more of those ~ but those would certainly keep people from grinding and would make wf and dojo more socialable than ever.

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I'd like it to work as a chat room, where I could check my items and such, while chatting.


When I chat with clan, I am usually doing trading too.


A ton less lag would be great, just smoothness in the missions.


I'd like recruiting rooms to go on missions, where you can display a key or something and people can go to that room that contains some ships, then you chose who goes into the room by a request GUI, and a menu where you can check what items you have via search bar, so you can do fast trading.

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