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Pc To Ps4 Transfer As Micro Transaction When Version Not Synced?

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I loved warframe on the pc last year, but havent played much since. Ive been waiting for the versions to sync up to check it out on ps4 and every time I check they arent synced. I would gladly pay à small platinum fee to have a one time transfer/branch from pc to ps4.(similar to mmo server transfer)

To prevent version missmatch, any later version equipment could be frozen until ps4 version catches up.

Sorry if repost, I looked around and didn't see anything.

Thank you.

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An account migration is already in the works. DE is still in talks with sony to have it approved, it should be working by U14 DE hopes (this can easily change).


The account migration will work without the games being in synced and weapons not in the PS4 version will be hidden from inventory or something until PS4 receives the same update that has that weapon update.


It will be a one time migration and it will copy your account. After its used your PS4 and PC accounts will be separate. The only things that wont transfer is platinum and the clan you are in.

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