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Selling Barrel Diffusion, Cleaving Whirlwind, Arcanes And More Rare Stuff

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I have the stuff listed in the title, and other rare/uncommon mods I'm looking to sell. If you're looking for something drop me a line and I might have it for you. Below is the list of Arcane Helmets I still have left:



List: I have more Arcane Bps, and will add them then build to order! (will be a 12 hour wait whilst it's building) Keep checking back as I'll keep this list as fresh as I can!


Aura (Trinity) *BP ONLY*


Avalon (Excalibur) *BP ONLY*


Aurora (Frost)


Avalon (Excalibur) *BP ONLY*


Backdraft (Ember)


Chlora (Saryn) *BP ONLY*


Chorus (Banshee) 


Coil (Mag) *BP ONLY*


Esprit (Vauban) 


Flux (Nova)


Gauss (Mag)


Hemlock (Saryn) *BP ONLY*


Menticide (Nyx)


Meridian (Trinity)


Phoenix (Ember) 


Pulse (Volt) 


Reverb (Banshee) 


Scorpion (Ash)


Squall (Frost)


Swindle (Loki) 


Thrak (Rhino)




First come first serve, unless you ask me to hold for a bit until you're online, etc. They are now discontinued, so I'm looking for a decent amount of plat for them.  They're by no means "flat rated" though, and I'll listen to your best offer and tell you if it's something I'll go for :) I will say that offers below 40 plat or so need not be submitted. 


Contact me via PM here or on PSN.


PSN name = Forum name (SilentStep79 capital esses)


Thanks in advance.

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