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2 Concepts For New Frames....and A Lil Humor


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   These are the ramblings of a noobish noobed Noob. All of this is fanciful fantasy. Just a fun thought.   
   It is nice to have thoughts from time to time. Enjoy!

Frame: Sylander/Prismyer

The idea behind this Frame comes from the manipulation of light and the use of the frames body as components in his abilities. As the name implies the frame will be crystalline in structure, with various oscillating shades of color gleaming from its exterior. He will also focus on close to mid-ranged fighting.

Base Stats: Health: 150
                     Energy: 75
                     Armour: less than Valkyr but more than Rhino and Frost ( the numbers escape atm)
                     Speed: on par with Frost; maybe a little slower. * holds breath for the attacks

Ability 1. Lucent Blade- 50 energy and 10% of health
                 Prism forms a blade from his arm and stabs the nearest enemy crystalizing the enemies
                 internal Organs. The blade immerges from either side of the enemy, impaling each enemy on
                 either Side( up to 5). These enemies are now linked and must move as one unit. Inflicts a small
                 bleed effect.  When one enemy dies, the bleed effect intensifies on the remaining enemies.

Ability 2. Crystal Frag- 25 energy and 15% of health
                  Prism tears a shard away from his body and charges it with light. This can be lobed like a
                  grenade with an arching flight path.  It explodes causing an orb of light to burn those close to
                  The detonation

Ability 3. Shatter- 75 energy and 25% health
                  A thin layer of Prism’s body is cast off in a localized explosion, dealing damage and pushing
                  Enemies back. Can ragdoll if damage is enough to knock enemies down.

Ability 4. Singularity- Duel Channeled
                 The area around Prism slowly goes black as the surrounding light is absorbed. Once 100 energy     
                  is expended ( or cancelled before) light erupts from around Prism as he burns as bright as the
                  sun. Melee attacks received return double damage and ranged damage cause pieces of Prism       
                  to break off releasing the stored light in beams of that go off in random directions. The
                  consequence of holding all this energy  disables shields and drains health until all the energy
                  energy is released. This can kill you and will kill you kill you. Straight to revive! Be prepared to
                  buy plat if you cannot control the power!!!
                  Phase 1: First button press channels Energy up to 100
                  Phase 2: Second button press either ends the channel or ends the second channel

Frame: Protaea/Salatiel

A third stealth class with a twist. Based on reptilian and amphibian themes, Protaea would have scaly coverings and maybe even a vestigial tail ( or the whole dang thing for a cool AoE  knockdown tail swipe)

Base stats: Health: 100
                   Energy: 100
                   Armour: on par with Nyx
                   Speed: Think of one of those lizards that can run on water. That fast then scale it to Warframe. PUN


Ability 1: Chameleon- 50 Energy
                 Assume the shape of the last enemy killed. Ends on melee attack or until time runs out. Ranged attacks do

                 not cancel this effect, but enemies will be alerted.
                 If no enemy was killed, you blend in with the surrounding objects
                 i.e. if you are standing next     
                 to a wall, your skin becomes the same color and texture as said wall.

Ability 2: Maybe that cool tail swipe or a movement attack like a Leaping Sideways Flying Crocodilian     

                Closeline Bodyslam Piledriver
                LIke the Inquistion, no one suspects the L.S.F.C.C.B.P....or a tail swipe.

Ability 3: Slime Trail- 50 Energy
                 A line of slime is exudes from Protaea’s feet as she runs around. The slime is sticky and will catch any that step in it. The slime is susceptible to elemental attacks.

Fire: the slime is set alight and the fire races back along the line setting all on fire
Electricity: same as before but with lightning
Ice: the slime hardens, solidifying the hold on the enemy allowing you to bash them to a bloody pulp
        and leaving behind leg stumps as the body above the knee flies away.

*A voice in the distance a la Jim Gaffigan    “ That got really graphic. I think this guy needs some help!”

Ability 4: Hydra Cannons- 100 energy
                 Protaea slows to a walking pace as randomly changing elements erupt from the small 
                 shoulder mounted. The longer the time goes the more chances the elements will change.
                As the cannons over heat, the force of the firing winds down allowing Protaea to regain her
                Normal movement speed. 
                 1st rank- one random element for 5 seconds
                 2nd rank- two                                6 seconds
                 3rd rank- three                              9 seconds                               

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