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A Few Suggestions For Game Improvements !


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Hi to all of you !


First off, before giving my take on a few suggestions, let me just start by saying that I like this game. Playing with friends is quite fun, and I'd like to thanks the dev team for that. Is there too much grinding: god yes ! But even so, thank you.


Also, I'd like to appologize if what I am about to write has already been said before. I have not been following closely to the many posts, and as I suspect you might be able to see, this is my first post.


So here we go:




I'd be very nice and helpfull to be able to select a ressource to track. If picked up, it could be written bigger so that you SEE it. It's quite annoying to have to go to the forge to check, specially when it's quite common (at least for me) that what I pick up is not shown on screen.

Another take on this would be to simply add a color legend to the few different types of ressources (neuronal sensors, orokin cells and neurodes in big bold red letters for example).




What self hating moment when I quit (or I think about quiting) a defense of survival mission to get what I think is a reward I dont have only to find out that I already have it !!! Specially since there are so many prime weapons and parts to remember.

This could be easily avoided by simply adding bellow the reward if it is already owned.




I dont know about you, but sentense such as "where are you ?" or "is that you far up there ?" are sentenses quite common in my daily games. A little thing that would avoid any confusion would be to replace each icon with a number or color. Random at the start of each game, or linked to the warframe of the player, and maybe with a special one for the host.




Assign a key to recheck the mission challenge, or simply put it on the escape screen.




Maybe it is supposed to be a negative couterpart of picking up everything easily. However, it would be great if one could choose to ask carrier to pick up energy, ammo etc. only when a full clip of orb would be useful. It is specially detrimental when a creep comes around sucking energy from player, and I end up picking up all the available energy (200+) to make up for the few points lost.



There, it s not much, and I'm sure more will pop up later, but right now it's all I have.

Hope some of it is helpfull to other players, and if not, well, I just lost 10 min writing this !


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