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Lack Of A Specific Gamemode


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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to speak my mind on something that has been bothering me for a while now.

We have some high leveled "endurance" missions, like T4 Defense and T4 Survival.

The only thing wrong with them is that they're not really endurance missions.


Yes, you heard me right, I'm saying they're not really endurance missions.

Defense is just protecting a pod for a long period of time from enemies that grow stronger and stronger.

Sure, you have to endure the enemies as they get stronger, but it's still a protection mission, hence the name "Defense".


The same thing goes for survival.

Survival is a step closer in the right direction, but it's still not really what I'd like, and I'm not alone.

Survival is just running around, grabbing oxygen containers. You could hide for all you want, as long as you get the life support tanks you're good to go. (Yes, this is possible, just not efficient.)


Now, I would like something that is more in the likes of Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode, or Halo Reach's "Lone Wolf" mission.


I was thinking of something along the lines of a gamemode called "Last Stand".

The mission begins with the Tenno spawning in a smaller variation of a regular map (much like Conclave maps).

The Tenno then get an intermission from the Lotus, something along the lines of:


"Tenno, you are the last thing that stands between the enemy and this area. They must not gain control of this area, you must protect it. Defend it with your life until reinforcements arrive. Good luck."


The Tenno will then get a notification with how long they have to hold out for, much like the first Survival missions, but without the oxygen. The higher the level of the enemies, the longer the Tenno will have to fend them off.


There is not a specific objective you would have to defend like in a (Mobile) Defense .

There is no need to gather oxygen to stay alive like in Survival.

This is pure survival of the fittest, safe the area from the Infested/Grineer/Corpus/Void, or go down with it.


That's about it, feel free to post suggestions.



There could be some "balancing factors", such as low frequency ammo drops, maybe an energy drain in the gamemode that prevents players from just spamming abilities? Heck, we could even disable gear items such as restores and specters.

Make it a challenge to hold out for an hour with level 40+ enemies.

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you Sir, deserve a cookie


Edit: The thing is that many players could stay in such a mission type for ever if you have energy siphon with cloak for example what basically prevents you from being attacked. There must be an objective for reasons of balancing.

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I have already tried to come up with a million ideas (ok, so a bit of an exaggeration) to this type of concept, I will give my take on a couple, and for the record, I will try to stick to examples to which we already have existing mechanics coded in some way.


First off, it would be dead easy for DE to create "mutators" for already existing missions. For example, missions don't have to end in just successes, a mission failure can be a success when you have to simply buy extra time, and your purpose is to remain in the mission until the crypod actually dies, in fact, you could have crypod that DONT heal back up - to stop players from letting a single low level mob alive just scratch ineffectually at the crypod, even unable to break the shields - for 15 minutes, to get the pod back to max health from like 100 points from death.


Pod dies, you extract, and the mission payout is based on how long you held out.


An extermination mission could be directed against the Tenno via a trap, with say, the team needing to make it to extraction before the ship self-destructs, with suicide troops just there to slow them down, rather then out right kill them (well, both actually), with blast windows actually getting blown out on purpose (yea I know, players have those damn CYPHERS!), and more last mobs doing last stands in places.


Since we already have the "no oxygen" mechanics, we could even force players outside the hull of a ship (some tilesets could work fine with a space background) and force players to cross to another hatch, in low gravity, fighting say, robotic units immune to lack of oxygen, to get back to safety.


I'll just say it out loud : Mutators. We need more. A lot more.


Capture the entire team, lock them up, and when they escape, all they can get from a locker is a 4 Forma, pre-modded Lanka. Now just make it to the damn exit.


Well, I can dream at least.

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