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Giving Alerts More Meaning!


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So I was playing an alert mission a moment ago and I had this idea.

I played this "weapons testing facility found" mission. How about we spice this whole thing up a little bit.

Lets say that the enemy you fight there actually gets some kind of weapon which is a randomized combination out of different enhanced stats and effect. Not all enemies with then have that weapon. Only a few special units. These said units get for example the karak with magnetic damage. The mission itself will be pretty hard but you would have to do it, otherwise, this newly made weapon would spread through the system for X hours. By losing the mission, you would then have to deal with some of those enemies wielding said experimental weaponry.

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like laz cannons


Maybe a karak that fires laser bursts. Or a corpus flamethrower that shoots toxic gas. Sniper with magnetic ammo.

Stuff that makes you think: WTF have they done?

Maybe even Grineer/corpus experimenting with the infestation as a weapon and creating hybrid enemies.

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