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So... what do you guys think about the next Braton Mk-1 replacement ?


Where will it drop ?


What will it cost ?


Would you buy it ?




- will require 3 Bratons to build

- most crucial resource will be the grineer approved powertape

- possible drop from the 4th undercover Grustrag member, Trak Babo (can be identified by wearing a badly tailored Corpus disguise, also trying to imitate their language)

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Well, Braton Prime is the Prime version of the mk1-braton.  But sure why not.


I'd rather have 6 Somas welded together on a rotator (soma mini-gun) but that's a bit ludicrous. 


I'm thinking this is something Derf Anyo would use xD


They have got to change that name :/

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I think the Grineer should drop this.

After all, they're better at fixing broken things then making things perfect the first run.

Plus, if they can clone themselves... why not Bratons?

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