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Loki Prime Syandana Clipping + Sugatra Positioning


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Without some clipping, Loki Prime with Syandanas would look..... weird because of the golden hump on his back, they would need to go over this hump and look awkward as hell, but, making Loki a visible ghost is not the way it should be solved. If possible, because I like the way some Syandanas look like they socket into the gap in the hump, I think just the hump should be clipped through by Syandanas, but not the entirety of Loki Prime.


Also, paired with my Loki Prime, I've once again fallen in love with my Orthos Prime (Damn you Bo Prime Handle). However, I've realized that in the arsenal, the Sugatras are where they should be, as well as when you do not attack, they stay near the blades, where they should be, but when you attack, the Sugatras decide the Orthos handle is a slip and slide. 



From this


What is that bottom Sugatra doing......?

To this



There were going to be GIFs here, but for some reason I am incapable of making a GIF for Warframe that will upload.

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