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Infested Ai Bug On Corpus Outpost Tile-Set.


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Just as the title implies, this is a small AI bug for the infested that occurs on the Corpus Outpost Tile-set;


   I was playing a Dark Sector survival mission ( Malva ) with Loki, The mission had just begun and I was in the room where the Mobile Defense nodes usually are for this tile-set,  I had climbed up on top one of the big 'box' things with the cylindrical part on top of it (You know, the things on either side of the upper-level MD node in the room).  


UPON DOING SO, all enemies immediately froze in their tracks, and would not move even when shot at.  They simply appeared to have been unable to track me on top of the tile-set object as soon as I climbed on top of it.


AS soon as I dropped down from on top of the object, the AI would instantaneously lock back onto me as normal, but as soon as I would climb back onto the object, the enemies would stop tracking me again.



Any and all Help in compiling info on this bug together would be appreciated to understand what in the world is going on.



Malva, Survival, Infested, solo; Utterly freezes, unable to attack or move, nor did they attempt to climb.


E gate, Survival, Corpus, solo; Able to track and fire on both cylindrical box objects.


Both of these mission used the same Tile-set, and room, but the AI behaved differently, with the bucket-heads unaffected while the Infested freeze up utterly, unable to move while on top of the same object.


Edit; ON closer examination, this seems to be an inherent flaw in the Melee oriented AI of the Infested for many tall objects, since the infested can only 'jump' and not climb, they can not reach the player if the object is above a certain hieght or something, even if the player is on an object the Infested AI thinks it can easily jump or climb up to, thus rendering the player safe from harm.

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