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Iliac Armor Bundle Price?



This may or may not be a stupid embarresing question to ask, but why does this bundle cost 220 platinum? Regular armor bundles costs 100 platinum, and even with a slightly more expensive syandana (75plat), it would still only be 175 platinum if it was the same as EVERY OTHER BUNDLE.


So, is it overpriced because it's new? Is it going to cost the same as the other bundles eventually? Or am I missing something essential here?


guh-bye, I love you.

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1. It wiggles

2. It includes the Syndana

Syndana = normal price is 50

It wiggles = DE seems to change the placements of all the armors like every patch, close enough to wiggling 

Technically it should cost 150 plat Armor= 100 Sydana= 50 like all the others

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