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Cant Hurt Enemies Near Cryopod


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today my friends and i were doing some leveling on Sechura, Pluto (the tileset with only one possible cryopod location)  when i noticed that when enemies got close enough to the cryopod, i would be unable to damage them using my phage.


As they walked close i could do damage but as soon as they got like 5m in range of the pod, my phage would be spitting out blue 0's like theyre immune. and some of the zeros would appear under the floor/map around the pod for some reason, i think this may be a cryopod/infested hitbox bug.


however, there was a nyx in my game earlier before that and when i shot my phage, my tentacles would seem to be gravitating toward her absorb which may have been an onset for the damage bug since i did notice hitting the 0's after that, i will retry in a moment and see if it still happens w/o the nyx absorb bug

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