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Something I Would Love With Energy Weapons


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am i the only one who would love it if their dera, supra, or amprex (frankly any of the energy weapons) had an overheat/recharging ammo pool? something that functions akin to the Particle Rifle of ME3?.......


the particle rifle regenerates ammo several seconds after you stop shooting; obviously regenerating 50 rounds a second on some weapons would break the game but is 10 bullets/sec too much to ask?.........


video to explain what i mean:


just my thoughts...........

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So basically, get rid of the magazine/clip mechanic and put all the ammo into one large pool, and to compensate put in a overheat mechanic?


I could go for it.

having it only have one *magazine* but regenerate that magazine capacity overtime (i.e several seconds after you stop shooting)

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How is this Halo related?

I don't think that had anything to do with this thread. That was just a general request and I'm ok with that. I think they just post that on every forum thread at random intervals. I doubt they even read the OP. Don't worry about it it's fine.

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this makes sense actually


energy weapons dont use rounds like ballistic weapons (railguns/gauss aside)


they draw from a energy source or substance cell to create the required weaponized particles while generating immense heat that needs to managed 


this is completely unrelated to halo and any videogame for that matter and precedes any videogame by many many years

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