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Volt Electric Shield Is Effecting The Unique Weapons Very Inconsistently


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Volt shield has quite some unique features but my drakgoon, dera and cestra don't turn hitscan anymore (very noticeable on the cestra) also the phage's beams aren't straightened out. it only straightened itself out after it went through 2 shields. (wasn't able to recreate) (hosting void mobile defense after rest dc'd (so I was host afterwards)).

also I'm able to shoot through multipe shields, with both energy weapons and 'normal' weapons (even tried while standing about 10 meters from the shield)


is this a bug or did volt's shield get a very big nerf while not even informed


btw drakgoons damage IS increased (the extra electric damage)

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so far I know they increased he shield size, but I can check.


in the updates I could only find these references to electric shield (might have missed one)



  • Fixes self-inflicted death wounds being caused by throwing Glaives through Volt or Nyx's energy shields/bubbles.



Shield: increased size of Volt’s Shield for better team usage.




nvm found this on the wiki : http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Volt

Rebecca is aware of those changes, and they were maybe intended. I am just waiting for an official confirmation. Shield stacking seems to be here to stay, and that's really not a bad thing. However, I can confirm now that more weapons are able to gain buffs from ES, including bows. The hitscan and punch through gimmick disappeared, but that's just a matter of adaptation.

Stacking shield bonuses seems way better than the punch through thing to me. More natural, and can benefit to more weapons (especially crit based weapons).


(however I would like some confirmation myself if reasonable/ possible or a link with further clarification, btw can't get the gray color away)

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I can confirm that it does stack now, and gives 200% bonus to crit damage, as I have used multiple shields and hit a 47k crit with an unmodded Sybaris. Also, if not host, it seems just using 1 shield does not give the effects it is supposed to. Works fine on solo.

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