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Grown But Not Prepared.


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An Ash arrived to Breeding Ground. Alad V left his taunt but Ash just walked forward towards his objective.


Wave of Infestation arrived armies looked on each other. Then moves to attack were made. Ash quickly pulled out Hind and pulled the trigger as his clone took place and the Ash blinked forward clone fired several bursts second clone pulled out Twin Vipers Wraith bullet timed down several infested as original Ash dived middle of Infested by using Swirling Tiger on Dual Zorens.


It didn't take long this Ash to take down few lesser Infested what he think them to be. First hive was behind a door when the fight was over Ash stood painted by blood... Painted by joy of pure death brought by him. Door opened and first hive was birthing new infested soon. Ash just needed to look on the protectors of this little hill on the floor. As razor sharp shurikens were sent out to slash in half their victim.


Ash thought a moment as approached his helpless victim. Pulled out some kind of explosive "Eat it is your last you know" Ash said meanly as threw the bomb on top of the hive hill. Then ran to next hive same treatment he left but after the last one was placed and Ash was walking to unknown location he counted down from five with his fingers "5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." he spoke.


Explosion in the ship "Ah... Demolition expertise... How much I love it" he sang as he walked right in front of locked door "Now how much C4 would this bad boy take?" he asked having wide smile. He started placing explosives while singing something "Death of the kin is the sin and death of them is joy of our" he sang as pulled out detonator and taking safe distance then blew the door off the place.


Ash was gone on the smoke. Alad V pushed on wall Ash released extremely evil chuckle as his hidden sleeve blades were laid on Alad V's throat. "No... I need take every last small piece of Ash of this... Pleasure" Ash whispered to Alad V this was thrown on a chair Ash stepped forward sheathing the sleeve blades started punching on Alad V on the face as was singing Stop a Bullet. As Alad V fainted he took a grenade and set a weapon.


As he was coming to this part "You can't. You can't. You can't, Stop a bullet! I 'm giving you my trigger but you better never pull it. You can't. You can't. You can't. Stop a bullet. I 'm giving you my trigger but you better never pull it" Ash sang and a sniper rifle. In exact 50 caliber round where fired on grenade what Alad V was holding the sniper shot the bullet as Alad V really did pull a trigger set on his hand. "You got something to say! You acquired a taste for watch me in pain. It's pretty hard to admit. It makes you feel like S#&$ but you mean it. What the hell can we do? I am a different of the man you knew. I am a hole you 'ill fill. For the rest of your life" he sang as walked back to see the situation.


He whistled... "Damn now you are looking today don't you?" he asked picked the rifle "I were the man you knew, You know? Things changes... I ain't your puppet" Ash said as reloaded the weapon putted it on his back and walked towards extraction point started singing again the same song.

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