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The Hek, Is It Worth My Neurodes?


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What do you guys think of the Hek? I stopped playing warframe back in January, and when I came back, far fewer people use the Hek. Did it get nerfed?


It used to be the best shotgun because it had a tight spread and no damage falloff, but a bit after the Strun Wraith came out they nerfed Hek to be more in line with other shotguns. Now, StoneRevolver's right.

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It's accurate, it has a decent status chance, and it possesses insane puncture damage.


Out of all the shotguns, I'd say it's one of the better ones. The Boar Prime does outshine it in the proc department, though, and it's mag size is tiny, but it is most definitely the bane of all Grineer.

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hek is powerful, especially because its mainly puncture damage, you can 1 shot t3 heavy gunners with it. havent tried against t4 but im guessing 1-2 shots is still enough

not really great for crowd though because of its long reload and small mag

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Hek is still one of the best abusers of Accelerated Blast, but I admit that half the reason I keep it is because of aesthetics. If you want good Shotguns, then the Phage and Boar Prime are probably your best bet. Then again, neither is really a classical shotgun, considering that the Phage is an infested tentacle device and the Boar Prime is automatic.

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I've got a 2 forma Hek that I've been using since the start.


Yes, the range nerf killed it, but Yes, you can still 1 shot people from 40 meters.


It's the best burst Puncture shotgun we got. If you want to kill high level Grineer quickly, it's still the best shotgun for the job.


Yes, Boar Prime has more dps, but it also uses more ammo, and has more recoil.


I would still recommend Hek both as a stubborn older player, and a shotgun enthusiast.


Point Blank

Hell's Chamber

Accelerated Blast



Ammo Stock (rank 3)

Elemental 1

Elemental 2

Elemental 3 (Or Tactical Pump)

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As a newbie, i enjoy using the Hek.


If you like a single-shot heavy hitter, Hek is a great gun.

If you like spraying shot around with a automatic shotgun, just level it up and throw it away.


It can one-shot high level grineer with Hek (35+ in my case, with correct modding), and it has great sound as well.

I just potatoed it one month ago, and now I am starting to forma it. :)


P.S. I own both Sobek and Boar Prime

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