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Unwanted Teleport


So I have about 11 hours in game right now and I'm loving it. I am playing on Loki and am pretty happy with the frame. Today when I logged in and started playing a level for no aparent reason I just switched places with a mob. I know there is a mod that does this, I do have the mod in my inventory, but as I currently have no intrest in this ability it is not on my frame. All I was doing was sprinting towards a group of mobs, there was a sound effect and I was teleported into the middle of the group. I didnt press any bottons, and again I do not even have that mod on my frame. Anyone know why this is happening?


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  • Commander

180px-Grineer_Commander.jpgA Grineer Commander. You will learn to hate them.

[size=2]20px-266339.pngAdded by 0332288[/size] Commanders have a strong personal shield and a larger pool of health than regular Troopers. They employ a similar ability as the Loki Warframe to switch places with a player, teleporting them to other surrounding Grineer and placing them in potentially dangerous situations and causing confusion. This switch teleport can work through walls and doors. Weak point: Head Weak point: 200% Normal, 200% Armor Piercing, 200% Freeze, 0% Lightning, 0% Fire, 110% Bolt Type Body Damage: 100% Normal, 100% Armor Piercing, 100% Freeze, 0% Lightning, 0% Fire , 60% Bolt Type

source: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Enemies

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