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Breeding Grounds - Solo


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The Specter gear is great, finally I play with somebody on my lvl ;) not some hitch-hiker, but this mission kills solo runs ;(.

On last run I kill enemy on 105-115lvl and I get only 81pts .

Again the DE did missions, which rewards you for grinding ;( WHY?  Somebody wrote that you must have 60000pts total to get 405pts ???

Really I do not remember how many times I play but I have overall score 1700+


Why this mission do not reward the toughest players increasing the enemy  and hive level +20 every rounds finally you will meet some 500lvl enemy and you stop after 25 runs or so... \


Now this is really boring you get LOKI or ASH get invisible, silencer for all weapons!!!! kill hives with one shot !! (does not increase the level after runs ) go to exit kill so many enemy you can with you ammo and again the same 5-10 runs with the same enemy lvl.




The BREEDING GROUNDS mission is great you have to play with some skills not only shooting counts, the gass, magnetic bals are great idea, somethimes is so narrow that almost impossible do not touch one or another (no more stupid runing).

Scoring pts les than 50 is ok you can do this in one day SOLO not really filling that you are grinding becouse different combination of buffs,

Scoring more than 50 is a nightmare of grinding, no skill required.


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 Feedback Categories,  Mission.

This is my Feedback I like the Idea of this mission but its another mission that force you to grinding. Why force you because like all players "you" want to be the best,  and be the best you can obtain only by grinding why :

 - Skils do not matter (LOKI ASH invisible+Energy Siphon+Continuity+Constitution+Fleeting Expertise+Rage+Streamline+Antitoxin)

 - weapon lvl do not matter (to score you need to kill hives and they are not lvl by run so its always one shot)


You wan to be the best you have to grinding.

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