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Several Quick Question


1) why is training restricted to once per day, I would understand if you complete it, but if you fail? Now I can't make progress on my character for a full day?

1a) Is training suppposed to be this hard? I was overwhelmed by all the spawning

2) Is it me or having a limited number of life in a action oriented game doesn't really make sense?

I have to pay real money to get more life? huh?

3) I would like to be able to buy other "class" (mag?) without giving money, mainly for now I don't have any, I would not mind if it take 3 month to farm, would be great!

3a) is there way to get platinum other than paying?

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1. So people can't constantly re-buy weapons and rank up to 30 in a week.

1a. It's not hard. I suggest you have some ranks in your weapons and frame plus some mods before doing it though.

2. You're supposed to be a glass cannon, it's part of the skill of the game. Also, different frames have different life values. You can increase your shields with the Redirection mod and health with the Vitality mod.

3. You have to farm blueprints from bosses, and other materials. You then craft them to make the frame. You get the main blueprint from the market.

3a. No.

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1. If you fail the test your progress is not halted, you will continue to gain exp and once you do pass the test you will be like 23% into your next level already. Why you are not allowed to grind the test for an hour untill you pass I do not know and do not wish to speculate.

1a. I was taken by surprise innitially too, but it is mostly just inexperience. Ranking up weapons and getting some mods will help (Incidently you can use that 24 wait to do just that.)

2. The 4 lifes will be replenished every day so you do not have to buy new ones(the option is merely there). If you play with other people you can revive a downed player for free if you get there fast enough, you generally should not die unless things have really gotten out of control or you overestimate your limits. Again this is something that will seem far more reasonable once you are more experienced and have some mods to make you more durable.

3. You can craft every warframe once you gather the correct blueprints and materials to do so, you may wish to consult the wiki to find out exactly where each part you need comes from so you can farm for it.

4a. You are given a small amount of platinum upon creation, other than that however no.

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1) Training: Bear in mind that the only thing that training/mastery rank affects is your access to certain weapons (and warframes). Without the rank, you can't buy or use those items. But even if you don't pass the test, you still continue to gain mastery ranks and XP - you just can't see the bar progress. When you pass the test, you'll see your next rank bar already filled up part of the way.

A big part of passing the test is having a plan and preparation for it. Bring the right weapons and the right warframe. Have a strategy.

2) Revives: I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned this, but you have 4/4 Revives per day, per Warframe. If you run out of revives, you can swap Warframes. Also, the revives refresh every 24 hours, but this is based on the server time and not your personal clock. And as other people have said - you're really not supposed to die, if you know what you're doing.

3) Farming for Blueprints: As other people have said, you can craft new warframes in-game without spending money. I've only been playing for less than two weeks, and I've already crafted one new warframe and have all the parts to craft another.

Check http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki for details on where to get each warframe's drops.

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I didn't know it was 4 revives per Warframe either, despite having two Warframes early on (Volt and the Founder's Excalibur Prime). I was really pleasantly surprised when I was told that. Totally changed things.

And a[size=4]pparently the revives (and other game timers) refresh at 00:00 GMT as their 24-hour mark. I've not confirmed this, but that seems about right in my experience.[/size]

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