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Meshes And Textures Will Disappear - Until Restart


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Fellow Tennos,

fellow U14-Train-Hype-Crashers-This-Week,

fellow DE,


I assume, that I may be the only one here, but could be wrong as well, that this issue happens only on my client.

If I change my Resolution or change into Windowed-Mode (not matter if via settings or ALT+ENTER (yes, that one works guys, its magic! *duh*)), as well going for Borderless - a return for bug-free graphics won't be ever again, if I want to get into my old state.


It will always cut me out off the grid.

Textures will disappear. Shadows and highlights will be visible hardly. Level/Map details will drop, so that you will see the JPEG background of the levels ... not really high-res, DE, isn't it? :P


Why is this happening? Wasn't like this before, though.





PS: yea, newest drivers and bla bla bla. And yea, therefore, I could have marked the planets as well, but meh.

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I don't think that will fix anything, since I reinstalled it already.

And it isn't player-side related, more a compiling issue of the client.

As already said "Wasn't like this before, though.", so, U12 was quite fine, nothing odd like this happened on that state.

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