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Complete Trading Guide June 2014





For those that know me I know you guys will enjoy this.

For those that don't know me, the "qualification" I have to provide this guide is the fact that I have made over 27000 plat from trading alone.

Complete trading Guide June 2014 edition

Part 1


Part 2



Its 2 parts because I can only upload a maximum of 15 min per video.





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There is no secret is all about buying and selling at the right price. And yes that is exactly what this guide is about.

Lucky you. Write WTB once and ten people reply, write WTS and you'll start to feel like you don't really exist.

I had to ask a clan mate to see if my message in trade was actually there. I avoid trading both ingame and on the forums because it seems like nothing I write gets noticed.


Though I just blame that on my merchandise.

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