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Sooooo.... Another New Warframe Idea. Damage 2.0 Themed Frame (Obviously I Need Some Ideas)


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It's really difficult to think of a new frame that is really original, you know? Something that absolutely hasn't been done in one way or another. In a nutshell, I tried to come up with something a little different, but still with some versatility.


The idea is a frame that has an ability focused on each damage type: Impact, Puncture, Slash, and Elemental.


His/her first ability could be a beam/wave of pure impact damage.

The second, a directional blast of spikes/daggers doing puncture damage.

The third, a radial slash attack.

The fourth, a purely elemental attack.


But then that raises the idea: what element(s) should it be and how would that be decided. The idea that I had for that was that the final purely elemental attack was that the frame would draw upon the elements and elemental combos of their weaponry. Whatever weapon you currently have equipped would be the catalyst for the elemental attack.


I know this is horrendously underdeveloped, but that's why I'm reaching out to you. What do you think?

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Why not make the fourth ability a elemental toggle that enhances his other abilities? 


The way it would work: Pressing/Using the ability will switch between the elements (Fire, Elec, Cold, Poison) and these would effect the first three abilities while enhancing their cost. Pressing the button a fifth time will switch you back to "normal". 


Here is an example of how it would work using Fire.


The 1st Ability now deals Impact and Fire damage, and having a chance to also set enemies on fire and make them panic.

The second ability now deals puncture and Fire damage, with each knife/spike having it's own proc chance.

The third ability now sends out a radial wave of fire along with the slash damage.

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