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Suggestion For Old Events And Improving Game Lore.


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So from my understanding DE are pretty keen to bring back Warframes old events so that new players can play them and get the lore and background that they provide for the game, there has also been an increasing amount of pressure from the community for a more lore based/story based content, which from my understanding DE is also keen to create.

I have been thinking on these issues a bit and though up a couple of solutions, sorry, wall of text to follow, but hopefully these ideas help.

No.1: Bringing back old events for new players.




Sadly, after leaving warframe for many months, I missed the Sling Stone and Arid Fear events. So I am unable to comment upon these. However of the last few lore based events I can.

I personally think that the last few events could be easily tied into the starchart as a player does there first run through, most of the planets have had an even which is greatly associated with its tile set which makes this a lot easier.

Of course, as these will not in fact be the ACTUAL events the rewards will not be achievable and you can not change the overall out come of the events/missions. Although this is limiting it will mean that most players will only need to run a few of the missions to get the jist and the lore behind the missions.

So I have thought through a lot of these events and how they can be added to the star chart in a way that will encourage their law.

-Mercury and Venus will have to be left out of this as these planets are planets which introduce each of the two key factions, however from what I gather I think Sling Stone could work quite well between these two to introduce the conflict of the grineer versus the corpus, however due to my knowledge of the event I do not know how this would work.

-Earth is were I can start, with the cicero crisis.




     So Cicero crisis was pretty much that Vay Hek wants to kill the forests of earth, you need to make the antidote and destroy the poison.
I personally think this is still do able with the current set up which is on earth, the only thing they really need to set up is bringing back the old scripts and Lotus emails, and putting in some constraints.
Currently there are two sabotage missions across the earth tile set, both which can be used to make this work, also there are still all the flowers which can still be scanned and essences gathered.

So to make this one work I propose that after arriving on earth players are informed of Vay Heks plans and informed on how to make antidotes, in order to continue on to the sabotage missions players will be required to make the antidotes, in the case of the first mission the antidote will just need to be the easiest one to craft, however by the last mission it will have to be one of the harder ones (not the hardest because that’s just cruel). Then at the end of earth I think there should be the old Vay Hek, or improved but very similar old version of him(not the badass crazy version), as he come in after ceres, later in the players storyline.



-Earth/Jupiter Gradivus Dilemma




            This one also should not be to difficult to implement, however would be easier if Eurasia was an interception mission, however we know how well that went.

So the Idea goes that on completion of Eurasia the Lotus sends out the Gradivus dilemma mission and as a result Pacific, Lua and Thebe are invasion missions with Corpus invading the Pacific and Lua, and Grineer invading Thebe.

Now as this event is over we all know how this is going to end, however I personally think it would certainly be beneficial to allow new players to choose sides as it will introduce them to the invasion concept, but I think the rewards for the Grineer missions should far out weigh the corpus rewards, making them clearly more appealing. Once these missions are complete they go back to their original faction and mission, however these missions will build up the battles against Alad V in particular but also introduce Sargus Ruk.

-Ceres/Uranus- Tethra’s Doom



            So originally this mission involved interception missions on earth which were then used to locate the hijack missions on the grineer ship yards to destroy Fomorian ship cores and shield cores. This makes it a little bit more difficult to successfully achieve. However I think I have found a way.

Cerium and casta, Gefion and Exta will not appear on the map as normal locked levels initially, they will not have any connecting lines between them and their a joining missions. Upon completing one of the a joining missions the player will receive the message from the lotus informing of vay heks plans. When reaching the first of Cerium or Gefion, the lotus will give the Tethra blue print and send the player to Stephano Uranus to intercept the coordinates to the normal core mission which, once complete will unlock the mission which the player had just reached and the mission after it.
Upon reaching the next Hijack mission, whether it be Cerium or Gefion second it does not matter, the players screen will be occupied by this:

Following which the player will get a message from the lotus saying they need to complete a Draco interception to gain the coordinates for a Tethra Shield Cipher, upon completing this second cipher the player will unlock the second Hijack missions path way and its following mission. This will not only be a good introduction to the current Hijack missions but will also introduce them to the new Vay Hek, of which they can then go on to find and defeat. (hence why I think Old vay hek needs to be on earth).

-Random Rescue alerts: Specters of Liberty



I can honestly admit to not playing many rescue missions since this event, however I do love the new concept and the new style is far more fun to play. So I do not know if this is already a thing or not, if not, it should be. In the Rescue missions I have played since this event, I haven’t seen any Red Veil, these guys were awesome as they had been spoken about and it brought out so much potential for this future faction, a majority passive faction which I think this game needs more of. I think there should be the chance for Cantis to drop random missions on us to go rescue some red veil members.

-Random Darvo alerts.


Seriously, what happened to this guy, those 2 missions we had from him were awesome, then he just vanished. I’d be keen to have this guy drop those missions on us again and longer than normal intervals like maybe 1ce a month or a fortnight.

-Eris: Suspicious Shipments/Bleeding Grounds.


I realise this story still needs completing with Eris becoming infested with Alad V being brought in, however there is so much potential for a story that all players can replay, or experience for the first time. Have the suspicious shipments be the outlaying first few missions of the Eris planet, of course the rewards can’t be as intense however the gameplay and lore of them can be still awesome, with the huge volumes of enemies, and as the player moves a couple of missions in the ships can become more infested with more infested mobs and tiles and less corpus. This would then become the full blown tileset and infested warframe. Then off to the side on of the missions could be the bleeding grounds which get harder each time you play it like it does currently, this mechanic would be great for a few missions throughout the star chart as it brings the survival difficulty ramping however doesn’t require the player to do it all in one sitting.

No. 2: Lore for the between event missions.

This solution is less straight lore, and more giving the star chart some flow and meaning. Currently none of the missions have got any meaning to any of the other missions around them. I personally think that on first play through, most of the missions can provide some sort of flow or meaning onto the missions around them.

For example: Have missions such as interception, rescue, capture, or spy mission which is adjacent to a Assassination mission give away the location of this target.

Or have it so that missions on a new planet give you a reason to want to go after the target, such as, when rescuing the hostages, they can talk about the fact that <insert target> tortured them in insane ways, or talk about how they had plans on dissecting the Tenno in the pod you just defended.

Or another one would be have some reason the last mission on the planet leads to the next planet, like finding out some plot/big boss is on the next planet, or disabling the planets defences, or finding the coordinates to the next planet.

These message only really need to pop for the players the first time through ( or if DE could implement it, on Star Chart/Lore Reset), it would be enough to give you incentive to continue onto the next mission, or to get to that boss, and would lay great foundation for further lore developments (Such as missions which are in fact disabling massive planetary space defence platforms)

Sorry-ish about the massive wall of text, now it is time for bed.

Edit: Added Pictures, Tenno loooveee pictures.

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Going through the starmap should introduce the players to the story events, which should remain on the map as special nodes like how Breeding Grounds shows up.

Naturally, you should only see each when you reach that point in the story.

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Any suggestions help, however I wont be replying till tomorrow due to bed.

Alright then. 


Here are some suggestions from me that would add some lore/connect some lore to bosses/create a small storyline. 




https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/236973-some-suggestions-to-make-gameplay-more-engagingrewarding-edit-17-is-now-on-the-thread/ (see Ceres Beacon Rework, EDIT 1, EDIT 3, EDIT 8 V2 [somewhat], EDIT 14, and EDIT 17). 


https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/247791-enemy-eximus-overhaul-suggestions-wip-now-with-parasitic-eximus-rework/ (read all of the Eximus's flavour text). 

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Spend an hour and a half writing an idea down in an attempt to give some suggestions to help develop the game further: 4 replies.

Someone posts a picture of scoliac in the Dojo, complaining that it needs to become a weapon as they don't realise it is scoliac: a barrage of responses, including one from DE.

Conclusion, wall of text did not work.

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Had to wait until I was at home to get at a text file. Be warned, it's unfinished and the formatting is ugly as sin. I had a similar idea a while back; cannibalise what you want (if anything) of it to make yours better.


[Plot Sequence]
New Tenno awaken from cryosleep as their chosen starter frame, learn the controls and receive their requisite schoolin' from Old Man Vor. The Lotus pops up and warns them about Vor's ability to teleport. Thanks to the Lotus hacking into the Grineer's own security turrets and pelting him with lead, the player flees and makes their way to a half-ruined Orokin spaceship the Lotus tells them about.
During the tutorial, the player is introduced to a number of gameplay styles and concepts: Assassination and combat for the boss fight, Exterminate and stealth for a section where they're struggling to escape and remain undetected by the sensor systems, Spy, Sabotage, Defense and Mobile Defense for brief parts of the level where they need to achieve goals related to the task of keeping Vor's forces at bay while the Lotus hacks into the Grineer systems and gets the ship field-repaired and prepped for launch as best she can.
The Tutorial doesn't end when the Tenno escapes aboard the ship, however. There's one final section--a simple Interception where they're tasked with preventing a swarm of Grineer from hacking two or three ship systems to sabotage the craft. They're in space, though! Who could teleport onto the ship in such numbers?
For completing this mission, the player unlocks the SHIP.
The ship is secure, but still damaged thanks to an era of disrepair. It drifts for a time with only weak engine capacity, and the Lotus takes over for its destroyed autopilot and guides it to Mercury--to the few Orokin Towers still in full working order.
While the Lotus uses Mercury's Neural Sentry to repair the ship as best she can with the severe lack of resources--she outright states she won't cannibalise parts of the tower for your sake--she sends you out on a mission.
Your mission: Slaughter and sabotage the Grineer who are trying to uncover more cryopods like yours, and take from them useful weapons and resources--both to fix the ship and to better arm you for taking down Vor.
You travel from node to node, with the Lotus keeping you updated as to the status of the ship every so often. Each map node should give the player part of a useful weapon; ideally they should have what they need to craft at least one item before they face Vor.
Plot urgency is maintained by having the nodes not just exist in a straight line from the ship to Vor, and instead the player does a sweep of the general area surrounding the ship and doubles back on themselves at one point to do a Defense mission where they must defend both the ship and the Tower against a Grineer assault.
This mission ends with the Lotus finally getting the ship operational again, or at least making it able to fly. She pilots the ship remotely as before, taking you across Mercury on a quest to deliver your fist into Vor's face.
Though you fight him and nearly kill him, he escapes by using the Shattered Void Key to teleport into the Void. The Lotus describes the key itself as as "defaced," which helps to seed the existence of both Void Keys and Corrupted Keys for the player. Ideally the player should come across Keys later on during gameplay and go "oh yeah, I remember that!"
With Mercury clear, the Lotus has the time to salvage what she can from some Grineer ships. Though the computer systems aren't compatible at all, she manages to acquire navigational coordinates for a Corpus base on Venus.
Though she's leery of working with the Corpus--who, as she states, "would tear their profit-worshipping culture apart if it meant more profit"--she pilots the player's ship to those coordinates.
Lotus: "Vor found your cryopod thanks to a small army of stealth drones. This is their base of operations. One of my operatives is standing by to plant explosives at key locations; they need a suitable distraction while they infiltrate the base. You know what to do."
OBJECTIVE: Survive for 40m in Apollodorus.
OBJECTIVE: Destroy 100 Informer Drones in Mercury.
NOTE: Some might question the necessity of putting examples of different gameplay types in the Tutorial as opposed to using Mercury for that. I chose the way I did because the Tutorial is mandatory and Mercury is optional; better to know that all new players will have an idea as to how most game types work.
NOTE: Nodes on Mercury are exempt from the "throw weapon parts everywhere on the Starmap as low drop chance rewards" plan; Mercury's rewards are guaranteed but bound to the player and can only be sold for 1 Credit each, to prevent any potential Credit-farming abuse of trivial content.
The ship docks at a Corpus spaceport. The player is free to explore the shipyard area. Most of the Corpus in the area look to approach the clearly Orokin ship, believing it to be a unique opportunity for profit, but are warned off by the Lotus wielding the ship's point defense flak cannons.
Except for Derf. At the first sign of a sentient being controlling the cannons, Derf starts asking all sorts of questions about the Tenno. The Lotus shoos Derf off politely, more confused than anything else, but he already knows what he wants to be when he grows up--a badass warrior with equally badass weapons.
Darvo shows up then, surrounded by guards his father hired as "insurance" to make sure Darvo lived long enough to take his place on the Board. Darvo gives the Lotus his contact information (SpaceBook, perhaps?) and hooks her up with access to his business--a network of contacts he's acquired in a variety of different markets (Imagine Darvo's Market is Steam, if it were in space and covered everything).
He has no desire to merely be a vessel through which his father can acquire further standing and social profit. The Lotus tells you she doesn't trust him, but the two of you wouldn't be there talking to a Corpus if they had any other option.
Back aboard the ship hub, the player receives a "gift" from Darvo--he's had the ship repaired to full functionality. The Lotus is less than enthused, though--a feeling that only grows when she learns Darvo will be wanting payment in the form of a later favour.
Darvo: "Derf's always been obsessed. Tenno this, Orokin that... I don't know where he got the parts I needed to get your nav computer fixed, though."
Lotus: "Strange for a Corpus not to demand payment in advance."
Darvo: "Money isn't the only profit. The time may come when I need to call in a favour; I certainly can't trust another Corpus not to get bought off or betray me."
The departure from the spaceport is tense; the Lotus expects Darvo to have bugged it at the very least, and conducts a series of full scans but finds nothing untoward. The ship passes by the spaceport's defense cannons. The cannons track the ship as it leaves the atmosphere, but don't fire.
Now in orbit around the planet, the Lotus reveals that she had hacked into all the Corpus systems she could find in the entire spaceport, looking for information on just what they were doing on Venus--as the presence of Darvo and Derf, both sons of influential and powerful leaders, indicated it wasn't just a relatively unimportant planet. Her suspicions were confirmed by widespread industrialisation across the entire planet, and repeated mentions in classified and encrypted documents of a new type of MOA and something called "Project Jackal."
Lotus: "The Corpus have a number of facilities all across the planet, all focused on research and production of robotic prototypes. I want you to put a stop to all of it."
NOTE: The southern nodes in Venus have more Fusion MOA than the northern nodes, representing the player getting closer to their production facility in E Gate. The northern nodes each have a chance for a Jackal-related ambush event, and that chance increases the closer the player gets to Fossa. The first ambush is always guaranteed, and takes place near the end of Cytherean, the very first mission node in Venus. The ambushes stop once the player has completed Fossa at least once. When an ambush happens, all the player can do is run for their life to a nearby extraction point as they're pursued by the Jackal. Escaping does not complete the mission, except in Cytherean.
Once the Jackal is destroyed, the Lotus mentions news she's received from Earth. There's some sort of crisis occurring there...
Lotus: "It seems the Corpus are mass-producing a new design for their standard MOA units. Normally I would not be concerned, but these look to have been upgraded with stolen Orokin technology. This is unacceptable. Tear the entire facility down."
OBJECTIVE: Survive for 40m in E Gate.
OBJECTIVE: Destroy 100 Fusion MOA in Venus.
The first order of business on Earth is dealing with the Cicero Toxin.
Lotus: "Make your way to the Oro region. Buy a Data Scanner from our "dear" friend Darvo, and use it as you travel to analyse the genetic composition of plantlife affected by this... poison. I will need that information to synthesise an antidote. By the time you reach Oro, I should have the antidote ready for you."
During the Oro mission, after you sabotage the injector, Vay Hek will call you on your spacephone to mock you and the Lotus. He'll send an entire army to crush you. After the mission is complete, the Lotus will order you to kill him.
Lotus: "I have given you the means by which you can craft your own antitoxins, Tenno. The more antitoxin you deploy, the faster Earth's forests will recover from the damage Vay Hek has done to them. Scour the land if you must; I am certain more potent combinations of plant extract exist, just waiting for you to discover them."
OBJECTIVE: Achieve a score on 400 in one of the Sabotage nodes on Earth.
OBJECTIVE: Complete Sabotage nodes on Earth 25 times.
Now that the Cicero Crisis is over, it's time to deal with the man responsible. The Lotus sends you north to kill Vay Hek, and the two of you fight atop a giant cliff (If you can't see where this is going, you don't know your tropes). Upon reaching low health, Vay Hek panics and hurls himself off the cliff face in a desperate attempt at survival. And he was never seen again (Yeah right).
Once you're back on your ship, the Lotus tells you that she's fixed the bodged job Darvo had made of repairing the navigation computer. Now the ship is completely spaceworthy, rather than just a bucket hurtling between gravity wells and running on hope. From here on out, the ship is fully under the player's control, and the Lotus informs them that she has intercepted a number of distressing transmissions from just about everywhere in the solar system.
Lotus: "I recommend you head to Mars first. There is an urgent and delicate situation there that may require your particular approach to politics."
The player can visit the next three planets in any order. If they head to Jupiter, they find it overrun with Infested and the boss node is J3-Golem. This lasts until completion of THE HUNT FOR ALAD V. If they head to Saturn, they find the FOMORIAN SABOTAGE event. Either way, the story doesn't progress until they head to Mars and hit Gradivus. Once there, the Lotus informs the player that they must pick a side as both the Grineer and Corpus are too deeply entrenched and heavily armed for even the strongest of Tenno to do much of anything to them before being overwhelmed.
Whether the player sides with the Corpus or Grineer, the Grineer win at Gradivus.
Lotus: "The fighting is still intense, Corpus greed and Grineer bloodlust fueling their mutual hatred of each other even though the war is officially over. Though there is little reason left for you to fight here, it will still be good practice for later struggles. May you be strong enough to not need to make such a choice in the future, Tenno."
OBJECTIVE: Achieve 100 victories for your chosen side in Gradivus.
After Gradivus is completed once, Invasions are unlocked on the Starmap. Players only see Invasions in completed nodes on planets they have cleared, and not in Gradivus as by the time the Gradivus Dilemma is over, there is nothing left in the area to fight over.
Once Gradivus is finished at least once, the Lotus contacts the player to direct them to Jupiter.
Lotus: "Alad V has gone into hiding. Track him down, Tenno, and make him pay for forcing you to even consider helping him. Unfortunately, finding him will require another difficult decision... Darvo has sent me his father's contact details. Apparently he knows where Alad V is hiding..."
Clearing the Infestation on Jupiter unlocks Infestations on the Starmap. Like Invasions, players only see them in completed nodes on cleared planets.
Lotus: "I am analysing Alad V's research files, and I am disgusted by what I see. He has conducted horrific, sadistic research on two of your fellow Tenno and has twisted one of them into an... abomination. Some of his files are secured, and the encryption will take time to break. For now, head to the Themisto region on Jupiter and show Alad V that we are not to be trifled with."
Themisto remains as Alad V's node until the SUSPICIOUS SHIPMENT event is activated.
Lotus: "According to these personal records, before his death, Alad V ordered three ships sent into the Void without precise co-ordinates for locating one of the Orokin Towers. It could be an act of either madness or genius; if you wanted to hide something where it would never be found, hurling it into the Void is probably the best way of doing so. Unfortunately for poor Alad, I can track those ships as easily as I can crack his encryptions. Track down his most trusted lieutenants across all of Jupiter; I will do the rest."
Unlocks Phobos upon completion.
Lotus: "It appears the Corpus were helping the Grineer hide the existence of a colony on Phobos. How and why I do not know, but they were hiding it for a reason. Go there, find out why, and sabotage whatever plans they have."
Lotus: "I am picking up a lot of activity all across Saturn, but what concerns me the most is the fleet in orbit. It appears the Grineer are mass-producing some kind of capital ship, but I have never seen one on that scale before, much less an entire fleet of them. Infiltrate and destroy as many as you can; even one of those behemoths could tip the balance in their favour if left alone."
The player spends most of their time on Saturn infiltrating and sabotaging Fomorian ships. Naturally, this means they need access to a stealth frame.
Cantus: "I'm Cantus of the Red Veil, and thanks to you we've got no shortage of people inspired to start fighting back against the Grineer and Corpus. Unfortunately we're nowhere near as well-armed or skilled as you are, Tenno, and those who don't get killed get captured. I'm here to ask you to bust 'em out; you have no idea how good a boost that'll be to morale."
Upon arrival in Neptune, Darvo contacts the player.
Darvo: "Bit embarrasing, Tenno, but I'm calling to cash in on that favour you owe me. I need you to break me out of my father's custody; do this and the debt is repaid. As an added incentive, if you break me out I'll approve your Market account for access to the good stuff. Some of it's Orokin technology I've never seen before; Derf keeps coming up with these bizarre relics. It hurts to have to give him a cut of the profits, but it all sells really well."
NOTE: This is a combination of Darvo's STALKER GEAR and HYENA PACK events.
Unlocks the entire Market upon completion, except for Oxium.
This event pops up once the player acquires their first Oxium.
Lotus: "It seems the Corpus have been using this unique material to build Osprey units that do not need traditional hover capability, allowing them to fill the interior with whatever they wish. Rather than better arm and armour them, however, they have chosen to turn these proxies into suicide bombers. They must fear us discovering the properties of this metal and using it for ourselves. Bring me as much of it as you can find."
Unlocks Oxium in the Market.
Lotus: "This is it, Tenno. Vay Hek is far too dangerous to be left alive. You will be doing the whole system a favour by killing him. Finish the job."

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Spend an hour and a half writing an idea down in an attempt to give some suggestions to help develop the game further: 4 replies.

Someone posts a picture of scoliac in the Dojo, complaining that it needs to become a weapon as they don't realise it is scoliac: a barrage of responses, including one from DE.

Conclusion, wall of text did not work.


You could always make a ridiculous mistake and try to get the community to laugh about it, then you'd get three posts of ten words each with every fifth including a well-timed .gif.


In all seriousness, some topics attract more or less attention than others not because they're better or worse, but because ideas that are more controversial tend to get more attention than those that are more suggestion-oriented. Half of them turn into flame threads, so honestly it's probably better that you get fewer, more quality replies than a bunch of posts with people trashing each other.


At any rate, I like the idea-- I'm just not sure I'd keep every event we've had in the game, because some aren't as applicable now as they were almost a year ago. The Cicero/Tethra/Breeding Grounds events would stay, but some of the others are more up for debate. Many of them would also have to be miniaturized because they probably wouldn't have the same rewards as the events did before (ie: Wraith & Vandal weapons), but they'd need their own reward system. It seems like you thought of a couple of those but DE would really need to flesh that out.

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