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The Modified Ai Snuck In/loki Wasn't Nerfed


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yes, you did it, why you didn't add that to the patch notes i don't get. this is supposed to be BETA (beta forever?) making players aware of changes in a BETA game is something every development team DOES. as BETA games require feedback for potential bugs when new mechanics are added.


the AI responding to noise needs toned down. they respond and fire from much to far away vs loki's inviz and are entirely too accurate from that distance. they don't spray the general area, they're pinpoint accurate. here's a thought...scale accuracy by distance when shooting at an inviz player. they also track loki while inviz if he's not firing. i've had grineer, corpus, corrupted and infested follow loki after detection from weapon fire, attack him accurately even though i moved after firing and did not take any other action but run. this is somewhat inconsistent, as sometimes they'll just stand there looking at where they heard weapons fire, and other ttimes they'll fire and track loki as he moves.


further, they tend to choose the inviz player over anything else, new aggro mechanic? as inviz is technically more dangerous.


stealth attack failure (because it does so much less damage vs standard attack) the corpus crewman turned around and shot me. while inviz. while that was only one incident, it still shows your new ai mod needs a bit of tweaking.


also tested suppression, and it only seems to function at 100% @50% there was no apparent change in how fast or how far they would come to or fire at my exact position as loki inviz.


though the rule of thumb in general shooting at stuff you can't see...is DON'T. but that's RL, not in a game.

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No patch for any video game in the history of video games has had every change listed. Ever. That's just what happens. Cool it. We don't even know if this was intended to be released yet, or if it's a bug or not.


Sure, enemies need to have harder tracking/accuracy debuff, but:


Of course they're going to know where you are if you start firing a gun. Guns are really loud, and you are more often than not in a closed space. That should stay.


They should focus on the invisible player if he's constantly making them aware of his presence, by noise or whatever. The enemy you can't see is a very dangerous one. That's smart, and that should stay.


If you hit someone with a sword, of course they're going to know you're right there. You're hitting them with a sword. That definitely needs to stay. If you bump into them while invisible, they're going to know you're there, as they just felt you bump into them, although if the player makes no noise, they should calm down and not set off the alarms, or deactivate the alarms themselves in this situation. That should stay.

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I like this idea that they notice your noises. However, what I am seeing from the first two posts, is that they following you AFTER you stop making noise.

That makes no sense, and should be fixed.

i have been seeing the same thing , pluse when i use invis on loki my game flashs as if some is truning my monitor off and on but on ash i just puff into smoke, i dont know if its a bug or the anmation but it disorient me 

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