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Looking For An Alliance To Join


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This is Warlord Icerevolver and King Syndicate is my clan. Im also the leader of the Solar Crown Empire Alliance. We consists of 3 ghosts clans whose all benefited from the alliance and we are all looking to expand our clans and the alliance. It doesnt matter the size of the clan or how experienced you are as a player. We mainly play to have fun and collect rare items. we have the wildest convos in alliance chat! We havnt built the solar rails yet, looking to expand more first but almost all research is complete and i do giveaways to alliance members all the time. So hit me up on PSN in a message regarding joining the alliance or joining the clan. Also the next members to join will be considered for Leadership titles, and to all Warlords, before any decision is made regarding the alliance, all warlords have a meeting and majority rules. i dont have a final say in anything, i dont like to, so dont think i control everything and i am a bogus leader. we are all in this together and before anythin else i expect you to put your clan members 1st. if it sounds like something your interested in, hit me up. thanks. 

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