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I searched and there is no thread for it.

So there is a feedback of it from me.

I dont know how it is for others but the granades explode timer is just too short to dodge that.

I just see how the enemy throw that thing and it explodes instantly as it arrives.

Need to be changed in my opinion, because if I run into a room ful of enemies, 4 of them just throws granates and

Its almost gg for me.

But all in all, its a good game.


and I mean granades xD

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You actually mean "grenades" but yeah. IMHO, you just need to be aware of them being thrown and leap away or get behind cover. Plus, you probably should not run into a room willy-nilly. Unless you go stealth or speed or something.

Actually, sometimes I wish *we* had grenades. Especially on infested ships...

@DE: I can has 'nade-burger?

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