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Missing Event Items


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I was doing a search recently and came across the fact that a few events have granted items(gradivus and survival specifically)

I never knew this at the time or i would have said something earlier, however, I have a slight problem


I know I did at least 25 runs during gradivus for the grineer, as I have the gradivus loyalty emblem, which should have gotten me the vandal machete(i think)  and I know I ran at least a half hour drnig survival which should have gotten me the wraith strun.


I know there were quite a few issues regarding those events at the time, and as a result my profile states that I have only ran gradivus 5 times for each side(yet I have the grineer loyalty emblem) and for survival still states that I ran 22m 17s.


the reason I am posting this in bugs, is because iirc the distribution system for those event items is automated(at end of event) and it obviously did not distribute these to my account.


I can provide screencaps for the survival proof, however im not sure what to do about the gradivus dilemna as my profiles stats are incorrect for what i ran.

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