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Should I Make The Lanka?



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So I should wait for this upcoming sniper buff then?

Can't hurt to level it in advance... ;)

It's a pretty solid weapon right now anyway, so unless the "sniper buffs" have some hidden nerf we haven't heard about, it's worth it.

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Highest single damage shot that isn't a bow or explosive.


So it's got that much going for it.


Except it basically is a bow. Innate multitarget potential, charge time, and projectile travel time. All hallmarks of a bow, lol.


I've found a niche for it as a status weapon. Its got a decent status chance, and a high base damage, and because its a base elemental weapon the procs arent forced split between elemental and IPS procs. The high base damage # means that the damaging procs work well, and the innate puncture means you can fire into a crowd and pull multiple chances to proc. Gas/Electric is particularly good against Corpus and to a lesser extent Infested.

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Use Vectis or Sybaris, both handle better and have more reliable crits


or Dread or Paris prime, are far better snipers, with 100% crit chance, and almost double damage on crits.




Lanka has 1 real use, and that's vs 100+ mobs hoping for both a crit and hoping for a lightning proc, level it for mastery, then put it in the bank and wait for the Elusive "sniper patch"

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It's kind of difficult to say if Lanka is worth building right now.


It's not an easy weapon to use, there are many other weapons that are easier to use and are much more viable.

And bows seem to be better at sniping than Lanka.


But that's not all.


I've found Lanka to be quite satisfying, especially when you land a long range shot on a moving target. It's really rewarding.


Also, there's the AOE build, which relies on Gas and Electric procs. It's both fun and interesting build.




But, is it worth bulding?

I don't know.

Maybe it will be best if you wait for the sniper buff.

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Im currently reformaing it to look like this: http://goo.gl/qzWKI7


Those procs will HURT. 70% chance to proc per bullet, the elec one will do 1.5k electric with a chance to chain back, and the Gas one will do 1.5k on the initial explosion and tick for 750 toxin 7-9 times (dont really recall which) for a ton of shield ignoring damage.

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