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Wts Rare Mods, Stances, And Prime Parts

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Here's a list of the mods I'm trading and please keep in mind that all of them are unranked.



-Fleeting Expertise



-Natural Talent


-Quick Thinking

-Reflex Guard

-Shock Absorbers

-Undying Will



-Accelerated Blast

-Burdened Magazine


-Heavy Calibur

-Metal Auger


-Rifle Ammo Mutation

-Shotgun Ammo Mutation


-Sniper Ammo Mutation

-Split Chamber


-Vicious Spread

-Vital Sense

-Vile Precision

-Wild Fire



-Barrel Diffusion

-Ice Storm

-Pistol Ammo Mutation

-Pistol Pestilence

-Steady Hands

-Stunning Speed

-Tainted Clip




-Energy Channel

-Focus Energy

-Heavy Trauma

-Jagged Edge

-Power Throw

-Rending Strike

-Spoiled Strike

-Sundering Strike



-Burning Wasp (Whips)

-Cleaving Whirlwind (Axes)

-Crossing Snakes (Dual Swords)

-Fracturing Wind (Sparring)

-Iron Phoenix (Swords)

-Reaping Spiral (Scythes)

-Rending Crane (Axes)

-Seismic Palm (Sparring)

-Sundering Weave (Machetes)

-Swirling Tiger (Dual Swords)



-Fired Up

-Spare Parts



-Enemy Radar


Prime Parts:

-Akbronco Prime BP

-Bo Prime Ornament x3

-Bo Prime Handle

-Boar Prime BP

-Boar Prime Reciever

-Boltor Prime Reciever

-Boltor Prime Stock

-Braton Prime Barrel

-Braton Prime Stock

-Burston Prime Stock

-Dakra Prime BP

-Frost Prime Helmet BP

-Frost Prime Chassis BP

-Glaive Prime Disc

-Latron Prime Barrel

-Latron Prime Stock

-Mag Prime BP

-Orthos Prime Handle

-Paris Prime Grip

-Paris Prime Lower Limb

-Reaper Prime BP

-Rhino Prime BP

-Sicarus Prime Barrel


Please contact me through Warframe, the Warframe Forums, or on Steam (stevendaman12) if you are looking to trade

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