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Event Maps With No Oxygen At All?


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Hello there. I've just encountered something very odd indeed.

I was playing the event maps (Which I adore, by the way) and noticed something very odd.

I spawn in an area with no oxygen. "Ok, fair enough. It was like that the last three times."

I walk through the map to the first hive. "Ok, still no oxygen, but the hive was very close."

I walk to the second. "Still no oxygen... Hmmm.."

I walk to the third. "Where is my oxygen, I'm running out of energy for iron skin."

I finish the map. "My lungs must be made of steel. Six whole minutes and not a breath!".


What the heck was up with this? I'm not saying it was a bad thing; not at all.

I actually loved it. As a rhino it had me on my tippy toes, having to dodge the lasers and toxin clouds, something I normally don't have to do. The map was worth ten points too, so it seems like a reasonable hazard.



But... It left me thinking. I didn't see a single health pick up the entire map.

How... How are people who aren't rhino supposed to complete these maps?


Explanation/thoughts, please.

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