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Starter Weapons (Lato, Aklato, Skana, Dual Skana)


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For those of you who were interested in why I'm not touching the Braton, that's because it has a Prime version that is available to the public. This topic shall be about the Lato, Aklato, Skana, and Dual Skana.


For whatever reason, the Aklato was nerfed, and while by no means was it a late game gun, it still had the potential to use in most missions which you didn't plan on going past level 30 enemies. Now however that is even a stretch, without a catalyst or a lot of formas.


I realize these weapons are supposed to be STARTERS, meaning that they aren't really meant to get you far. Do you know what I have to say to that? Fine!


Then let's make a 'upgraded' version of said weapons. No, not prime weapons, but they should be balanced with the other non-primed weapons. I realize that this could be a touchy subject, as there are prime weapons of at least the Lato, and Skana for the Founders. So if the buff is about as good to the point it's a bit terrifying, then perhaps DE should buff up the Founder weapons as well.


My suggestion is that you can purchase/make an item which, 'upgrades' said weapon. There should be one for each starter other then the MK1-Braton, as it has a decent upgrade which is the Braton. (and to boot an available prime version) When you apply said item to one of the following weapons, it resets their level, and along with any formas or catalyst they might've applied. (just like a making a dual weapon) Then, this creates a better version of said weapon. Looks is all debatable, and personally I like the look and feel of the Lato/Aklato already.


But with that in mind, the Aklato shouldn't be a direct upgrade of the Lato, especially once upgraded. They should give two different styles of play, the Lato more steady and precise, and the Aklato more gunslinger-like. Skana more about single target damage, while the dual skana more for AoE, that type of deal.


That's basically it, because while I could tell how much damage they should do and what stats, I'd first like to see people's opinions on if this were to go through, what style of play should each one fill in their opinions.




If you want more inside information on why I'm suggesting this, there's a couple of reasons. One is because I always loved the Aklato, loved it more then any weapon. It felt right when it shot, giving a bit of a backlash animation, and a beautiful sound effect to go with. My second reason is that as said by DE, EVERY weapon should be a viable choice. Should I be forced to give up a weapon I loved at the beginning because it so happened to be my favorite? A starter and thus it shall never even become half as good as other weapons? Am I truly being forced to use other weapons, simply because any Vandal or Primed versions are no longer available?


I'm no newbie, but I happened to come to Warframe at a bad time considering my favorite weapon happened to be the Aklato and Lato. I even loved my Braton, luckily though there is a Prime version of that. (to which I own and am proud of still ^^)

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I know this isnt exactly what you wanted for a reply, but I thought the "general" purpose was just to replace weapons as you continued. I understand the lines are a bit blurred since you can (almost) get any weapon from the start. But the next logical upgrade for the starter weapons are Burston/Karak, Seer/Lex, Cronus. 

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This Game is focused on TRYING DIFFERENTS WEAPONS and MAKE THEM STRONG. There isn't a upgraded version because new players have to try put different weapons and learn how to use them.

Nothing states that is the primary goal of this game, because if there was, then likely DE would've made a huge mistake by saying, "There's only one real way you can go in this game. Get a new weapon, make it strong, then move onto the next." What you said is highly opinionated, while if that's how you continue to enjoy the game that's fine by me. I often do the same to pass by some time, but that is not how I play. Though what you say is one of the most obvious goals, I'll give you that much.


We could always upgrade them to a sort of "Dex" status.

Hrm, like the Dex Furis?

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better skana---> dakra prime/ dragon nikana

better aklato---> akmagnus

better dual skana--> dual heat swords/ dual ether

whats your problem?

All the weapons you stated aren't necessarily alike the ones on subject. If that were the case, then we might as well say every weapon of the same category is the same. But I do admit as far as the melee weapons goes, there is enough similarities. I simply put those in there for those who feel the same the way I do about my Lato/Aklato.


And since you touched my Aklato, and compared it with.. *shivers* Akmagus, let me tell you what is exactly different;


First of all, looks and sound. Secondly, the recoil is much larger, it would've been a MUCH better comparison if you used the Akvasto. But alas, even the Akvasto doesn't have the mag size, or the same look/feel. I don't want an old western gun(s), I want a mix of advanced, and today's feel. Which is what the (Ak)Lato delivers.



What DE meant when they said every weapon is viable is that you need to 8x forma it first.

On that note though, I agree.  I could take an unleveled Boltor Prime into Cassini and do fine, but an akLato would get me killed.



I've watched /a lot/ of their Dev streams, and I do not recall them saying that what they meant was every weapon is that every weapon should be viable mid to late game after 8x forma/catalyst. Secondly, even THEN the Aklato is not viable. They say what they mean, they're very good at explaining themselves, and unless they directly say that, and not leave it to imagination, then it is far too debatable at what they, 'meant'. So I'm using with what has been said.

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Dex was given out, but the Dragon tag has been used to upgrade an identical weapon already.


Dragon Aklato has a nice ring to it.


Whoa, I didn't think about that. A brilliant idea, Archistopheles. Even if it would be difficult to get, I would love the change. Perhaps give it a look akin to, 'dragon'? Perhaps a bit like the Dragon Nikana. I'm liking the idea more and more.

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