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Golem Nav Coordinates (Bug)


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Hi there,


This would be my first post on the forums and it's about a rather problematic bug I've got.

It seems only my account has the misfortune with picking up golem nav coordinaties, that I can only pick up a maximum of 2. 

When I pick up the first ob it says "Golem Navigation Coordinate", but it doesn't say it anymore with all the other orbs.

Last round I've picked up like 5 orbs in Extermination and I only got 2 in the end.

As with the other game, it only said "Golem Navigation Coordinate" once, then for all the other orbs it didnt say anything.

My friend in the same game got like 4 or 5 of those and kept getting the message instead of just once.

Can anybody help me with this please?

I really want the nekros but this is holding me back soooo much.




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