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Channeling Extra Visual Effects?


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When the Loki Prime Access teaser went up, I thought that an extra, passive visual effect on Loki would be that glowing overlay you see in the teaser. It looks a bit similar to the visual effect during Invisibility but it's much more subtle. Here's a link for your convenience.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we see that effect on Loki Prime in-game. This disappointed me slightly, but at the same time, I can see why they wouldn't want to do that either (some may consider it too much effect over the Warframe, unlike Volt's electricity and Ember's sparks). It then occured to me that this kind of effect doesn't need to be restricted to Prime Warfarmes, since they already have visual aesthetic changes. Regular Warframe also needs some love.


Here's my suggestion, which I feel I've read something similar once: when a Warframe is channeling with their weapon, an extra visual effect also applies along with the regular channeling glow. It's entirely cosmetic, and could add even more flair to each Warframe (again, not just the Primes), while keeping things more subtle and less frequent (since it will only happen when melee channeling). Additionally, it will be an effect that fits the Warframe, so there's more difference compared to other Warframes when channeling besides the energy color and the Warframe's decals.


Here are a few quick examples:


- Volt: Electricity around the arms will spark more often compared to his idle

- Ember: More and slightly larger flame sparks

- Saryn: The tiny energy "spores" that appears when Saryn uses her powers will float around her body

- Trinity: Blessing's visual effect around the arms in a gradient-fading pattern

- Loki: Small wavy and slow-moving energy lines around his body, especially the edges, just like in the Prime Access trailer


This is just a small idea, but I think it could be quite appealing to see. For performance reasons, it could also be good to have an option to toggle the effect off.

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I just want Iron Skin to do this when channeling


I'd even say to add to that with a few crystal-like particles floating around him. There's this whole time-bending/stasis aspect through force with Rhino Stomp, so that could be fitting.

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