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Dojo: Internal Digital Information Board For The Clan


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Well I suggest that there was a:



--> "Digital message/information board" that you could build and put anywhere you want.  So the clan have a information board where you can as admin inform the members of the clan about everything that is going on in the clan.


 --> It should not a be limited to a max number of character but be more or less unlimited. I imagine you can also chose to have it in a slide mode so it can display multiple messages to  the clan.


--> A good extra feat. that would be nice was to be able to upload images to that digital board too.


--> That it relays the message of the day too to the board


--> That is relays other type of information like updates, and alerts.



There is nothing like this right now, we only have "message of the day" that feature is extremely limited.

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I think that is a great idea. With something like that we could also make our own directional signs if we can upload textures for them. I always feel like wanting to put up signs saying " This way to the Bio Lab" and "That way to the Chem Lab" and "The Orokin Lab is...right around the corner"

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Defiantly support this motion!!!


Also would be nice to be able to create some form of leader-board within the dojo for the obstacle and dueling room. Allow members in the clan to know what high scores have been achieved on the obstacle course and who is undefeated in the dueling room. :P at the moment my clan uses the small panel in these rooms to place a name and time.. but it would be nice to have an actual board with a few more names.



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