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Game Freeze And Frame Info Fails To Load?


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hey DE,


     i've been having some issues every now and then of the game not loading all my info at the start of a void or level. even going into the dojo. it doesn't happen often and a simple exit and reboot of the game seems to fix it. i dont recall doing anything special before the problem either but just so you all are aware...


dojo 6/17/14 (i wasn't using excalibur here, my frame just failed to load up)



void 6/17/14 (i was frozen in place here but the game went on around me)



void 6/20/14 (in this and the next one the game froze. it returned to the player menu after the team completed the mission.)



node 6/24/14 (here the game froze, i believe i hit the option button and those 3 'button label' tabs came up. i waited about 5 minutes then i closed and restarted warframe. 


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