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Single Target Abilities


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some abilities can always be casted, other abilities have to be "locked on" first.

Examples are mind control, smite and energy vampire.


However in many cases i find it hard to target an enemy, Especially if they are a bit further away, your target has to be spot on and then you have to activate the ability. For fast moving targets, its even more difficult. Additionally, if a teammate walks between the target and you, you cant cast it anymore either.


So i was wondering if it is perhaps possible to take the closest enemy to your crosshair within a limited area around it.


Disadvantage could be for skills like ripline, when you want to get away from the enemy, that you accidently pull another enemy towards you.


Or another possible solution is if you hold the ability key, it automatically keeps trying to recast it.
So if you see a bunch of enemies in the distance you just hold 1 and move your mouse a bit around, then it will be cast eventually, instead of spamming the 1 key now.

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