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Melee Weapons Gets Unusable Upon Resisting Laser Door Knockdowns


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I found a bug some time ago and i am suprised it hasnt being fixed yet, but then again, its workaround is pretty easy to do but still, i post it here.



Here is how you reproduce it. On Corpus Tilesets, make sure that a camera sees you and when the lasers are up at the doors, have your melee weapon our and hold the block button, and do a roll. Doing so will casue this gltich where you cant use your melee weapon and the camera is fixed around your stomach level.


The workaround is to make another roll anywhere and it fixes itself. Doing this workaround will reset the camera to its original level and the melee works again.


Thought of posting this here.




EDIT: changed the title to reflect the gltich better.

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